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Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

To the laborer who showed up at 10:00 am (when you were supposed to be there at 8:30 am), complaining that you were hungry:

  1. I’m not your mother, your wife or your friend — and you’re a grown man, so feed yourself
  2. Seriously, think next time before you complain about the food that someone so nicely buys for you
  3. You’re fired


How Love Turned to Hate – A Tale of Sheetrocking WRONG

There are quite a few things that I love – some more typical than others (don’t get me started on why broccoli is the best vegetable ever, and you already know how I feel about dirt).  Well to make myself sound even more normal, I’ve also always loved sheetrock.  I can remember being on the job sites when I was younger and playing with little chunks for hours (cause isn’t this how every little girl spends her summers?).  

Anyhow, this love quickly turned into HATE when our normal sheetrocker — at the last-minute — decided that he couldn’t commit to a start date.  And, then almost as soon as our back-up sheetrocker began to work, it became obvious that with a little bit of guidance (and let’s not lie, a few more pounds of muscle) I would have been able to do a better job.  So, let me share with you what I learned from this experience:

  • How to kick someone of the job (and yes, it’s awkward)
  • The value of having a father who can fix just about anything (Glenno re-did and finished it all)

  • And I also learned that it’s not a good sign when:
    • It takes the guys an hour to hang one sheet cause they are trying to figure out where the holes for the recessed lights need to be
    • Even after they’ve spent said hour, they still cover up one of the lights
    • They try to fix a bubble under the tape (which you pointed out to them in the first place) by putting more joint compound over it rather than cutting it out
    • The sand created from sanding the joint compound creates so much dust that it breaks the shop vac

Let there be light!

Okay, so after the fact I realized that it wasn’t quite as dramatic as the Genesis, but you would have had a hard time of convincing me otherwise when we re-wired (ah-hem, created light) and fixed up the plumbing at Bunker Hill.

you can’t see Glenno — but he’s in the background yelling at me to stop messing around and load the truck

First, we tackled was the lower level.  Keep in mind, that this space was once filled with refrigerators (b/c who doesn’t need five of them?), bags of clothes, pianos, etc.  But now that it was cleared out and the framing was done, our soon to be family room, bathroom and laundry room were taking shape.  And, the wiring/plumbing was pretty straight forward — this is what we did:

  • Added recessed lighting
  • Hardwired a carbon monoxide/fire detector
  • Installed vanity lights and an overhead light/fan in the bathroom
  • Included outlets throughout per code
  • Hooked up plumbing for the toilet, shower, sink, washer/dryer

Throughout the whole house we:

  • Replaced the copper pipes that had been stolen/cut (if you remember, this happened on my birthday …)

  • Fixed up the wiring/plumbing
  • Replaced old light fixtures with new ones
  • Updated the heat to a new hot water heating system power vented via new baseboard.  Of note, the system came with a defect from the factory – which neither the store we bought it from, or the company representative that came out was able to identify.  Luckily, Glenno figured out the issue and we were able to get resolved.

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