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The Wonderful World of Scrapping

I’m a little OCD about germs (okay, a lot).  But if you remember, I also love to get a good deal.  So, it only makes sense that it came as a pleasant (this is probably the first time I’m using this word to describe trash) surprise to learn that a whole world of metal scrapping exists.

It also ended up being a pleasant (again, strange use of this word) surprise that the previous Bunker Hill home owner was a hoarder — refrigerators, stoves, metal desks — who worked as a machinist = lots of heavy metals.

And so came my introduction to the wonderful world of scrapping.  First we piled a dump truck up with all of the metal and then came the waiting, or was it weighting?

  • You wait in line to have your truck weighed
  • You wait to dump all of the weight out of your truck
  • And then you get your truck weighed again after waiting in another line

And some of these places are actually pretty nice, hmm, or maybe it was just nice that I went there with trash and walked away with cash?


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Some people love dogs, some people love cars, but not me. I love dirt. I'm pretty sure it's not the first thing you think when you see me, but it's true--I really love dirt. Although, I'm picky about where my dirt comes from. Construction sites are perfect, backyards are OK, but the streets of NYC not so much. So now that you know that I love dirt, you may want to know why. I've been on and off construction sites since I was little. And here's a picture to prove it. I recently quit my public relations job in NYC in the pursuit of cleaner dirt. I love home renovations and remodeling, and I've been working closely with my dad who has been in the business for 40 plus years to learn everything I can. I’m also a full-time residential real estate agent in the Greater Fairfield area. I’m dragging my fiancé, Neil, along for the ride too. For those of you who know us, thanks for reading. And for those of you who don’t, welcome to our house flipping, home remodeling, suburbanite lives! Alana Brier | Newtown, CT | 203.304.4235 |


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