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Just an Ordinary Day

To really appreciate this story you have to know a couple of things about me:  I love to shop, and I can’t resist a bargain, but then again, what woman can?

About a month after I quit my job and moved to the burbs, I was having lunch with Neil in the City and as I was dropping him off at work, I suddenly remembered that I forgot to tell him about my morning:

Me:  O yeah, I meant to tell you — I bought a house today

Neil:  What are you talking about? (looking bewildered)

Me:  Remember that house we went to see last week?

Neil:  Ummm yes (images of a decrepit hoarder’s home running through his head)

Me:  Yep, it’s ours.

And so began my new career…


About LoveAtFirstSite

Some people love dogs, some people love cars, but not me. I love dirt. I'm pretty sure it's not the first thing you think when you see me, but it's true--I really love dirt. Although, I'm picky about where my dirt comes from. Construction sites are perfect, backyards are OK, but the streets of NYC not so much. So now that you know that I love dirt, you may want to know why. I've been on and off construction sites since I was little. And here's a picture to prove it. I recently quit my public relations job in NYC in the pursuit of cleaner dirt. I love home renovations and remodeling, and I've been working closely with my dad who has been in the business for 40 plus years to learn everything I can. I’m also a full-time residential real estate agent in the Greater Fairfield area. I’m dragging my fiancé, Neil, along for the ride too. For those of you who know us, thanks for reading. And for those of you who don’t, welcome to our house flipping, home remodeling, suburbanite lives! Alana Brier | Newtown, CT | 203.304.4235 |


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