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The Wonderful World of Scrapping

I’m a little OCD about germs (okay, a lot).  But if you remember, I also love to get a good deal.  So, it only makes sense that it came as a pleasant (this is probably the first time I’m using this word to describe trash) surprise to learn that a whole world of metal scrapping exists.

It also ended up being a pleasant (again, strange use of this word) surprise that the previous Bunker Hill home owner was a hoarder — refrigerators, stoves, metal desks — who worked as a machinist = lots of heavy metals.

And so came my introduction to the wonderful world of scrapping.  First we piled a dump truck up with all of the metal and then came the waiting, or was it weighting?

  • You wait in line to have your truck weighed
  • You wait to dump all of the weight out of your truck
  • And then you get your truck weighed again after waiting in another line

And some of these places are actually pretty nice, hmm, or maybe it was just nice that I went there with trash and walked away with cash?


Love at first site (inside)

We thought the sight of Bunker Hill couldn’t get any worse…and then we walked inside:
-The previous homeowner was a hoarder.  We’re talking 5 refrigerators packed with expired canned food, books/newspapers dating back to the 70s, old tires (I mean because who doesn’t collect tires), machinist tools…
-The kitchen / bathroom desperately needed to be updated — 70’s gone wrong
-Scuffed hardwood floors barely visible through the clutter
-Collapsed ceilings
But through all of this, what my dad saw was a solid structure, a great price and the perfect location.

Love at First “Site” (outside)

Love at First “Site”
Does it make sense if we said flipping Bunker Hill was love at first site, but not love at first sight? You can’t blame us either – the home was the neighborhood eyesore. Passerby’s would first notice that: the yard was so overgrown you almost couldn’t see the house (now that I think about it, this may have been a redeeming quality)
– The cedar siding was rotting
– Part of the roof had fallen (thank you! 2011 snowstorms)
-An outside storage cellar with a ground level roof was collapsing
-An entire section of the driveway was missing

Just an Ordinary Day

To really appreciate this story you have to know a couple of things about me:  I love to shop, and I can’t resist a bargain, but then again, what woman can?

About a month after I quit my job and moved to the burbs, I was having lunch with Neil in the City and as I was dropping him off at work, I suddenly remembered that I forgot to tell him about my morning:

Me:  O yeah, I meant to tell you — I bought a house today

Neil:  What are you talking about? (looking bewildered)

Me:  Remember that house we went to see last week?

Neil:  Ummm yes (images of a decrepit hoarder’s home running through his head)

Me:  Yep, it’s ours.

And so began my new career…

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